The Postdoctoral Research Award (PDRA) will attract and promote the direct involvement of recent PhD holders to engage in further research work in Qatar and enhance the nation’s human research capabilities.

Specifically the awards offered through PDRA will:-

  • Advance the national agenda for world-leading scientific endeavor.
  • Provide skilled, cost-competitive and readily trainable limited-term staff to carry forward Qatar’s research agenda.
  • Provide academic and research institutions within Qatar with new ideas to perform research and build human research capacity in Qatar.
  • Provide an opportunity to evaluate early-career scientists who have the potential to become new hires as career scientists in Qatar.
  • Train research ambassadors within the next generation of scientists and educate them about future collaboration opportunities with Qatar’s research entities, with a special emphasis on fulfilling the Qatar National Research Strategy.
  • Promote Research Mentors to proactively search for postdoctoral scholars that meet their institutional research needs.
  • Attract outstanding foreign postdoctoral scholars.

Program Description

The Postdoctoral Research Awards (PDRA) support postdoctoral scholars to work within Qatar-based research groups located in areas of national priority as outlined in the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS).

Up to two years of financial support will be granted to the submitting institution to support a postdoctoral scholar, with the potential to extend for one additional year. For each year of financial support, QNRF provides the submitting institution with funds to pay for the postdoctoral scholar’s salary, travel, and other personal and dependent family financial support as described in Section VII of the PDRA RFP.

Responsiveness to Challenges

QNRF’s PDRA will

  • Help ensure employment following the completion of graduate education and training, and further preparation for future careers.
  • Recognize early-career investigators of significant potential.
  • Offer the means to demonstrate potential as a new or permanent hire in Qatar or elsewhere.
  • Offer working experience with best-in-class scientists, one of whom will be the postdoctoral scholar’s Research Mentor, and, where relevant, with state-of-the-art research equipment.
  • Contribute socially and scientifically to Qatar’s research mission with the potential for worldwide impact.
  • Provide networking opportunities and potential support for future employment.

Potential Benefits

While the primary benefit of this activity is to build human capital, its secondary aim is to support postdoctoral scholars to work within Qatar-based research groups in areas of national priority as outlined in the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS). Relevant areas may include (but are not limited to) basic and applied research areas in all fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities.


The following dates represent the major milestones of the Postdoctoral Research Award (PDRA) in Doha time:

3 rd PDRA Cycle Dates
Open for proposal submission TBA
Deadline for proposal vetting TBA
Announcement of awards TBA
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