National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)


This program is intended to support the overarching goal of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), which is to foster a research culture in Qatar. Specifically, the grants offered through the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) will:

  • Build human capital in Qatar
  • Fund research to benefit the nation, the region, and the world
  • Raise Qatar’s profile within the international research community


NPRP is the flagship funding program of QNRF. It is announced annually to fund successful proposals ranging from US$ 20,000 up to US$ 300,000 per year, for research project periods of one, two or three years.

Responsiveness to Challenges

While Qatar is blessed with an abundance of wealth from its natural resources and has managed to accumulate a large amount of physical capital in a relatively short time, it faces challenges with respect to human capital. The NPRP is assisting in building human capital in Qatar by supporting the country's colleges and universities to attract, develop, and retain good faculty members. The NPRP will also provide incentives for institutions to build the organizational infrastructure needed to support researchers.

Furthermore, the NPRP will help to build human capital through the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer, encouraging collaboration with institutions outside of Qatar.

By funding research that will raise Qatar's profile within the international academic community, the NPRP will help to diminish the geographical isolation felt by some researchers in Qatar; fostering a level of integration with the global research community, to the benefit of the researchers in Qatar and Qatar as a whole.

Potential Benefits

The benefits from this undertaking will be both direct and indirect. In addition to helping promote research that will directly benefit Qatar, this program will also provide indirect benefits by improving the reserve and quality of human capital in the country, through attracting highly competent scientists and convey prestige to Qatar.

Exceptional Proposals

QNRF solicits scientists with extra meritorious proposals which require more funds and duration than the normal NPRP limits to apply for the National Priorities Research Program – Exceptional Proposals (NPRP-EP). The maximum budget for such proposals is US$ 5 million with maximum project duration of up to five years. For more information, please refer to the NPRP RFP Addendum A.