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Can you submit a one year proposal with a budget exceeding $300,000, the balance being supported by a collaborating institution?
No, QNRF policy does not allow co-funding.

Modify date: 09/22/2013 07:51:05

Is funding of small proposals that require US$20,000 competing with those requiring US$300,000?
Yes, all proposals will be evaluated equally regardless of the total budget requested.

Modify date: 09/22/2013 07:49:47

Is the $300,000 maximum per year is the sum of direct and indirect costs? or is it $300,000 maximum direct costs on top of which the indirect costs are added?
The 300,000USD will include both the direct and indirect costs.

Modify date: 09/22/2013 07:48:18

How can I calculate the 20% indirect cost?
Total Budget(eg. 300,000USD)= Direct Cost (DC) + Indirect Cost (IC)
If the Indirect cost in your institution is 20% of the direct cost then
IC = 0.2*DC
To calculate IC from the Total cost it will be;
IC= 0.1666*Total Budget

Modify date: 09/22/2013 07:47:02

Could you please confirm if the 20% indirect costs are part of the $300,000 maximum/year? Therefore, $240,000 is direct and $60,000 is indirect.
No , indirect budget is limited to 20% of the direct budget not the total budget.

Modify date: 09/22/2013 07:45:58

According to the budget guidelines, a $1500 laptop or desktop purchase does not qualify as
The LPI needs to provide a listing for everything equal or above $2,500. There are however exceptions for personal use items like PC’s and furniture or other similar items which may require closer management and their costs are $1,000-$2,500, you can add it to the equipment section.

Modify date: 11/19/2012 06:22:59

Please list the non allowable costs in miscellaneous section
You can download the non allowable costs from our download center at http://www.qnrf.org/funding_programs/nprp/download_center/

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Which travel policy should be followed when key investigators plan to work in Qatar?
It should follow the travel policy of the host institution inside Qatar.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:49:56

Does QNRF cover the family expenses for a researcher who needs to go abroad for about 2 or 3 months?
QNRF does not fund travel expenses to spouse or family members accompanying the researcher going abroad to continue his research. QNRF funds travel expenses of any member of the research team as per the member institution(s) travel policies provided that such expenses are covered in the original budget and justifications are given.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:49:40

Under what budget category does the purchase of survey data go as a line item? Equipment or miscellaneous? The data (survey data) can be as expensive as equipment as in social research it is the equivalent of a medical researcher purchasing equipment for
As per the RFP, the Miscellaneous category includes communications, administrative and other similar costs. It is also subject to a cap of 5% of the total annual budget and thus including the purchase of survey data means that it would quickly exceed this limit. In such case "Supplies and Materials" is a suitable budget category for purchasing survey data.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:49:12

Does the money spent for attending training workshop or conference outside Qatar for a PI with a full-time employment with a university located inside Qatar qualify as ``Inside-Qatar" or ``Outside-Qatar" expense?
Such expenditure is classified as "inside Qatar" as defined all travel expenses from or to Qatar will be part of the 65%, while travel cost for research team located outside Qatar and intending to travel to other than Qatar will be part of the 35%.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:47:59

Is there a limit to how much money one could allocate to pay consultants?
There is no maximum limit on consultants' fees. However, Lead PIs should keep in mind those consultants' fees and justifications will be evaluated by the peer reviewers.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:47:17

I reside in Qatar but I visit our mother campus university in the US every other semester. Can the part of work I do for research in the US be considered as part of the 50% effort in Qatar?
No, because you are supposed to budget funds for that part of the work to be done by you on the mother campus. Therefore, it is considered as an effort outside Qatar, even though you reside in Qatar. However, If the work is done free of charge, then it is considered "free effort" made outside Qatar, but will not be counted as effort inside Qatar. The rationale is to transfer technology and expertise, as well as developing a research culture inside Qatar.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:45:45

Is funding permitted to be used to compensate individuals who complete a survey for the research purpose?
The payments are not considered as incentives but rather as compensation for their efforts as long as they are reasonable; such payments should be classified as miscellaneous.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:44:59

On a project with multiple universities listed as collaborators, may I have the submitting university handle all of the budget for travel, or must each university for each key investigator manage funds for travel?
Each institution should manage its own budget.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:44:22

We had been told earlier that Student tuitions are not included in the budget, but the current RFP mentions it. Please let us know if we can include MS or PhD student tuitions in the budget or not
Yes, it is correct that our previous policy did not include student tuition and fees in the budget. However the policy has been revised since NPRP 5th cycle and now graduate tuition and fees are included in the budget up to USD 30,000.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:43:56

Can we include conference expenses as part of our budget?
NPRP allows budgeting travel expenses to conferences, but does NOT allow organizing conferences/workshops as part of the approved budget for the proposal.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 03:43:04