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As RO I am prevented from registering as key investigator. Please describe the procedure for RO's to register as a key investigator.
QNRF does not allow participation of any staff of the RO as a key investigator. If a staff of the RO wants to become a key investigator, a request should be submitted to QNRF, to remove that person as a member of the RO and then register as key investigator.

Modify date: 10/10/2012 07:03:12

Can the Research Office be changed after submitting the Letter of Intent, i.e. can it be replaced by another collaborating Institution?
No, the submitting institution cannot be changed after LoI submission. If awarded, a request can be submitted to QNRF after project start date.

Modify date: 10/10/2012 07:00:22

Can a Research Office (RO) of an institute located outside of Qatar register in order to vet the proposal submitted by its lead PI?
No, only ROs of submitting institutions inside Qatar can register.

Modify date: 10/10/2012 06:57:47

My institution doesn't have an official stamp to be used in supporting letters. How can we meet this requirement?
Institutions that don't have official stamps can have the supporting letter endorsed by a notary public.

Modify date: 10/09/2012 09:33:12