Data Management Plan

Good research data management practices are increasingly being recognized as an important criterion for successful research projects. This is driven by the growing need to share (including via formal publishing methods) good quality research data, for which efficient data management is essential. Publishers, funding agencies and researchers are paying more attention to the chain of intermediate data results and associated metadata (including provenance), to establish the pedigree of the data for its effective re-use, and to avoid redundant re-enactment of the experiment or computation involved .

The major funding bodies require a data management plan as part of any new funding applications to encourage and support implementation of good data management practices.

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), in collaboration with the Qatar National Library (QNL) acknowledges the importance of making good quality data produced by Qatari research projects accessible to a wider audience and promote efficient research data management practices for QNRF-funded projects. 

The recently published QNRF Data Management Plan Policy  strongly encourages all applicants to consider the reuse value of their data and to take reasonable steps to manage, store and share (if applicable) the research data and associated metadata arising from their research.

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