Fifth Cycle of Best Representative Image of an Outcome (BRIO) Launched
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Fifth Cycle of Best Representative Image of an Outcome (BRIO) Launched

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) is pleased to announce the launch of the fifth cycle of its “BEST REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE OF AN OUTCOME (BRIO).”
The Best Representative Image of an Outcome (BRIO) is a contest for selecting stimulating images produced during QNRF-funded research. The competition aims to showcase research outcomes funded by QNRF and utilize them in QNRF’s public channels, encourage visual communication of science and research outcomes, and recognize exceptional talent in capturing and showcasing images and illustrations.
The competition will give QNRF-funded researchers the opportunity to use images and visual illustrations to communicate their research outcomes to a wider audience, including the general public, and capturing the artistic side of their research projects.
•    Only awarded LPIs in any of QNRF’s programs are eligible to apply at
•    The LPI shall give their consent in a written letter to the creator of the image for copyright purposes.
•    Applicants are eligible to submit more than one application, with each application representing a single image or illustration.
•    Submitted images must be either: 
                      o    Photographs: Digital photographs and images from lab instruments such as sensors, microscopes, telescopes, etc.
                      o    Illustrations: Drawings and graphics (handmade or computer-generated) which clarify theories and concepts or recreate objects, processes etc.
•    The following are not eligible for consideration in the competition:
                      o    Images and illustrations that are not results of QNRF awarded projects.
                      o    Posters and graphs.
                      o    Low-resolution images.
                      o    Images with text on them.
                      o    Incomplete applications.
•    Registered LPIs can submit their competition images directly through QGRANTS under “BRIO 05.” See BRIO 05 grant application guide (GAG) for the steps of application.
•    QNRF encourages students and junior researchers to participate in the competition. However, the image must be submitted by the leading investigator only. See BRIO 05 GAG for the steps of application.
Shortlisted images will be published online for public voting till 6th Sep 2021.
Online proposal submission for this cycle ends on 30 June 2021 and the award announcement will be at the QNRF Annual Forum.
For more information about BRIO, please visit QNRF’s website:


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