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تاريخ / توقيت الفاعلية: 25/05/2016 08:00 ص تصدير الفاعلية

موقع الفاعلية: Qatar National Research Fund

Wael Khedr
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Material Science for Energy Research Outcomes Seminar - May 25th, 2016, QNRF, Tornado Tower, 5th floor

Material sciences play a major role in innovation in the field of energy. Qatar National Research Strategy identified since 2012 materials as a major research cross cutting priority. An important part of QNRF funded projects in the Energy and Environment pillar addresses the issue of materials for energy applications from oil & gas industry to renewable energies. This workshop aims to showcase recent research results, present the current activities and discuss future opportunities.

Time Item
08:00 Welcome coffee
08:30 Introductory speech 
Dr. Philippe Freyssinet (QNRF Director Energy & Environment Pillar)
08:40 Shaping the future  : Materials in energy research portfolio
Dr. Fouzia Hannour (QNRF Program Manager – Natural Sciences)
09:00 Keynote speech: Synergistic Approach to Next Generation Organic Electronics and Solar Cell Materials
Dr. Mohammed Al Hashimi (Texas A&M University at Qatar) (Materials for PV)
09:30 Efficient Mixed Oxide Catalyst for Preferential CO Oxidation and Hydrogen Purification
Prof. Siham Yousuf AlQaradawi – Qatar University (Materials for renewable energy)
10:00 Light harvesting and energy storage materials by design
Dr. Fadwa El Mellouhi ( QEERI)  (Computational Physics /Materials for battery and solar)
10:30 Break
11:00 Flash presentations of Posters Set 1 
11:30 Synthesis of Novel Linear and Cyclic Polymers via Olefin Metathesis
Prof. Hassan Bazzi (Texas A&M University at Qatar) (Materials for catalysis)

Cultivating QNRF Trees at Qatar University: Examples of NPRP Outcomes and Ambitions in Advanced Materials
Prof. Shaheen Al-Muhtaseb ( Qatar University)  ( Materials for Oil & Gas) 

12:30 Flash presentations of Posters Set 2 
13:00 Concluding Remarks
13:10 Lunch and poster browsing
14:30 End of ROS
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