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Qatar National Research Fund launches repository of 37 years of research

A comprehensive survey of Qatari research dating from 1970-2007 has been released online today by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The Biannual National Research Survey is the first time that all existing Qatar research records have been collected and archived.

The Biannual National Research Survey contains a summary of all research conducted partly or wholly in Qatar. This includes professional, academic, undergraduate and commercial research and is not restricted to research funded by QNRF or the government.

Qatar National Research Fund has established the Biannual National Research Survey to encourage dialogue and international collaboration. It will also assist in rectifying the lack of information regarding research in the region. Dr Sattar Al-Taie, Director of QNRF, explains: "We have in Qatar a significant gap in knowledge of past work and discoveries.Yet especially in the past few years there has been a significant increase in quality research activity, from both QNRF funded projects and other research activity. As this activity increases it is important that we share our knowledge and progress internationally."

The BNRS online searchable database can be found on the new QNRF website; The site has been redesigned to user's requirements and to include new technology. The improved website is easier to navigate and includes more interactivity. An example is the facility included with the BNRS database which enables researchers to update their own records and add research for the period 2008-2009. The BNRS will be updated every other year so these records will then be verified for inclusion in the 2010 survey.

The BNRS utilizes four sources of data. Qatar Planning Council and Qatar University conducted a survey of research that had been conducted in Qatar, or by Qataris, during the period 1970-2004, and this undertaking was supplemented by a QNRF online survey and consultation process during 2007-2008. These considerable undertakings form the basis of the first BNRS. Added to this are the titles and abstracts of Qatari Master's and PhD theses and records supplied by Qatar National Library. Qatar National Research Fund also plans to archive the full results of research that it has funded.

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