QNRF and QGP Announce Results of Fifth Cycle of Path Towards Precision Medicine Call
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QNRF and QGP Announce Results of Fifth Cycle of Path Towards Precision Medicine Call

QNRF and QGP Announce Results of Fifth Cycle of Path Towards Precision Medicine Call

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and Qatar Genome Program (QGP)are proud to announce the completion of the 5th cycle of the Path Towards Precision Medicine (PPM) program, a unique funding program aimed at supporting and advancing research to guide healthcare decisions towards the most effective prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment based on a patient’s unique genetic profile. This call is committed to the enhancement of genomic research efforts in Qatar with an added focus on innovative projects aimed at translating basic research into tangible clinical implementation. For the fifth cycle of PPM, researchers were invited to apply for the following four priority areas:

  • Clinical genomics of pediatric diseases
  • Clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics
  • Digital e-solutions and applications related to precision medicine
  • Genomics/multi-omics characterization of immune responses

Staying true to its mission of serving Qatar’s national needs and interests, under the 5th PPM cycle, QNRF and QGP received 23 proposals from different research institutions across Qatar. These proposals were subjected to a through screening  and competitive scientific and strategic review process. To catalyze the support of genomic research in Qatar, 4 proposals have been selected to receive funding.

Please browse through the list below to learn more about the awarded research projects.

QNRF Proposal Number



Submitting Inst.

PPM 05-0316-210001

Multiregional genomic sequencing of pediatric cancer patients from Qatar, solid tumor heterogeneity and clinical impact.

Dr. Wouter Hendrickx

Sidra Medicine

PPM 05-0506-210017

Artificial Intelligence and Precision Lifestyle Medicine: Unlocking the complex relationship between genes and environment

Dr. Mohammed


Ministry of Public Health

PPM 05-0423-210009

Target and drug discovery for cardiovascular genomic medicine using high-throughput cell screening platform

Dr. Ayman Al Haj Zen

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

PPM 05-0419-210008

Mendelian forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Identifying the Genomic and Immunologic Drivers of Intestinal Inflammation

Dr. Bernice Lo

Sidra Medicine

More information about the call can be found here.


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