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QNRF and QSTP launch collaborative Intellectual Property Management Project

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science & Community Development (QF) today welcomed the launch of a collaborative project between two of its member organizations Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) to evaluate and govern potential intellectual property emanating from QNRF-sponsored research in Qatar. The Intellectual Property Management (IPM) project is yet another step. Creating a knowledge-based society, diversifying Qatar's economy and working in line with the 2030 National vision are among the common goals between Qatar National Research Fund and Qatar Science & Technology Park. Both have joined hands and welcomed an opportunity for a future collaboration. Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) have launched a joint project to evaluate and govern the potential intellectual property emanating from QNRF sponsored research in Qatar.

The joint project will consist of a detailed evaluation involving all Lead Principle Investigators of the 266 current National Priority Research Program projects with the aim of identifying promising research results with practical applications followed by support to assist these research teams in the utilization of their innovations.

Through a series of innovative funding initiatives, QNRF supports original, competitively- selected research in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology, humanities, medicine and health, agricultural, and social sciences. It treats research as a catalyst to enhance the education, health and well-being of Qatar's citizens, as well as improving the environment and security of those in the region.

In parallel, the Qatar Science & Technology Park is charged with executing applied research and initiates its own projects for research, training and demonstration of "platform technologies". It also provides a hands-on program to equip potential entrepreneurs in business and academia with the skills and confidence to launch innovative projects and technology-based ventures. Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director of Qatar National Research Fund said, "This joint project represents an important milestone to cultivate the fruit of QNRF funded projects particularly the National Priorities Research Program which has provided, over its first three cycles, more than US $230m to fund 266 research projects, involving more than 620 researchers, approximately half of them are in Qatar and the other half are from more than 30 different countries."

Dr. Eulian Roberts, Managing Director of QSTP commented, "We believe that intellectual property management is a core capability in developing Qatar's knowledge economy and have built professional in-house capacity through our own applied research and innovation projects. QSTP currently has 41 member organizations, 914 employees, and over 100 research partnerships delivering results which directly address the needs of Qatar. In addition we have built an early-stage incubator through our Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program were we work directly with research projects to create viable innovations and ventures. We look forward to leveraging our intellectual property capabilities through our collaboration with Qatar National Research Fund to help translate the results of their funded research into innovations and further develop an intellectual property infrastructure in Qatar."

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