Dr. Timothy L. Killeen

Professor of Atmospheric and Space Sciences

  • Vice Chancellor of Research, State University of New York System and
    President, Research Foundation for SUNY
  • PhD. in Atomic and Molecular Physics from University College London (US Citizen)

Former positions include

  • Assistant Director for Geosciences, National Science Foundation
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering
  • Director, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Senior scientist at the High Altitude Observatory
  • Director, Space Physics Research Laboratory, University of Michigan.
  • Associate Vice-President for Research, University of Michigan
  • President Americans Geophysical Union 
  • Past Director of the Space Physics Research Laboratory and Associate Vice President for Research –University of Michigan 
  • Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics.

Director-General of the Research Council of Norway (since 2004)

  • Degree in sociology at the University of Oslo
  • Member of the Governing Board, Science Europe, Brussels
  • Member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences
  • Board Member Copenhagen Business School

Former positions include:

  • Director of the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (1986-1995)
  • Director for Humanities and Social Sciences in the Research Council of Norway (1995-2003)
  • Board member national and international research institutions
  • Member of several panels evaluating national research funding systems and EU's 7th Framework programme on research
Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Mulla

Vice Chairman and CEO of Qatar Petrochemical Co. (QAPCO) and QQatofin Company Limited

  • Ph. D. (Engineering) - Leicester University, UK. (2007).
  • MBA -Leicester University, UK. (1997)
  • B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering - Pennsylvania, USA (1988).

Professional Certification

  •  A member in a number of different professional Organization such as The Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineering (EEE), The Institute of Mechanical Engineering (ISME) and GCC Regional Committee (CIGRE)

Professional Experiences

  • Dr. Al-Mulla has a board practical, scientific and administrative knowledge and experience that he has acquired throughout his career and due to the training courses in all areas related to oil, gas and petrochemicals, Business Administration, leadership, project management, and strategic enterprise planning and etc.
  • Since he has taken his post as Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of QAPCO, the company has witnessed many achievements on all levels; production, investment ventures and Qatarization process. The company's personnel have acquired many skills both individually and professionally through the continual development of Human Resources Dept and Training
Dr. Achim Bachem

Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Cologne, Germany

  • Degrees in mathematics and physics at the universities of Cologne and Bonn
  • Professor of Applied Mathematics and Operations Research, University of Bonn and Erlangen-Nuremberg

Former positions held:

  • Director of the Mathematical Institute at Univ. of Cologne
  • Director of the Institute of Computer Science at the University 
  • Co-founded the Centre for Parallel Computing (ZPR) in 1993 
  • Dean of Mathematical and Scientific Faculty of University of Cologne
  • Board member of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) 
  • German delegate to the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Forschungszentrum Jülich and Vice-President of the Helmholtz Association

Deputy Director for Research of Center for Urban Science and Progress, and Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Bio-molecular Engineering at New York University

  • Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens
  • PhD. in Mechanical Engineering and Astronautical Sciences from Northwestern University

Positions Held:

  • President of Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) - SGI is US-based private company dedicated to developing and commercializing clean and renewable fuels and chemicals, sustainable food products, and novel medical applications (synthetic vaccines).
  • Played leading role in the Human Genome Project 
  • Served in U.S. Department of Energy and several of DOE National Labs and engaged in several facets of energy production and use, and led key research programs in biology and the environment. 
  • Member of many scientific societies and recipient of numerous awards and distinctions including three U.S. Presidential Rank Awards, and two Secretary of Energy Gold Medals