This initiative is jointly funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institution of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), QNRF and CRDF Global.It aims to foster new or expanded viral disease-focused biomedical research collaborations between Qatar, MENA and U.S. investigators and institutions, as well as establish collaborations and research findings that will lay the foundation for the preparation of funding applications to the NIH, QNRF and other funding agencies.


Awards, each being up to US$40,000, will be made in support of one-year projects, with the possibility of up to a one-year, no-cost, time-extension if justified. Collaborative research teams consisting of investigators from the U.S., Qatar, and MENA region are eligible to apply. The total awarded amount is to be divided among the investigators/institutions involved in the collaborative teams in accordance with the approved budget. Each collaborative team must include at least one researcher that attended, or is employed at, an institution from which a researcher attended the “Endemic and Emerging Viral Infectious Diseases of Priority in MENA” meeting in Doha, Qatar, in May 2014

Responsiveness to Challenges

Research priorities include endemic and emerging viral diseases relevant to the MENA region such as , Hepatitis C, Hepatitis E, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Coronaviruses, Flaviviruses and other viral diseases included in the Doha meeting Agenda.

Potential Benefits

The program will foster new biomedical research collaborations between leading researchers from Qatar, the rest of the MENA region, and the United States, bringing the best minds of the world together to solve critical issues of direct relevance to the MENA region. Such research will also add to global knowledge about endemic and emerging viral infectious diseases. It will also help establish collaborations and research findings that lay the foundation for the preparation of funding applications to the NIH, QNRF, and other funding agencies.

For more information please visit: http://www.crdfglobal.org/grants-and-grantees/current-funding-opportunities/2014/06/09/2014-u.s-qatar-mena-research-initiative


The following dates represent the major milestones of the Initiative:

Description Dates
Competition Opened Closed
Deadline Of  Proposal Submission Closed
Successful Proposals Notification, Awards Announced Closed