The objective of the Path towards Personalized Medicine (PPM) call is to support and advance research that aims to provide medical treatment tailored to the individual characteristics of each patient, based on her or his genetic profile to improve care quality while reducing unnecessary diagnostic testing and therapies.


Each award is up to US$ 200,000 per year and each award can be up to three years.

Responsiveness to Challenges

PPM has three specific areas of priority;

1. Discovery   

  • Continue comprehensive -omics analysis of Qatar Biobank (QBB) samples for discovery of disease biomarkers.
  • Development/Validation of diagnostic disease gene panels.
  • Identification of genomic and environmental interactions utilizing comprehensive -omic analysis
  • Studies related to parental and sibling genome analysis (family genome analysis).

2. Translational Research:

  • Building on QGP pilot phase to identify disease biomarkers and match patients with targeted therapies.
  • Research approaches that explore the complexity of the genotype–phenotype associations.
  • Developing clinical research into advanced phases and participating in multi-centre clinical trials.

3.  Community Engagement, Ethics and Policies in Precision Medicine

  • Behavioural analysis research of awareness campaigns targeting the public towards precision medicine.
  • Comparing different genome interpretation solutions and reporting formats to be used by health care providers.
  • Identifying best practices of precision medicine policies and delineating the best regulatory and ethical approaches to genomic technologies and implementation.
  • Identifying effective strategies to engage the public in supporting the Qatar Genome Program.

Potential Benefits

PPM2 aims to support research that benefit from the pilot-phase of the Qatar Genome Program (QGP) in understanding the correlation of disease phenotype and genotype, translate the research findings into medical products for better healthcare quality and promote healthcare providers and community engagement in Qatar in their effort towards understanding personalized medicine.


The key dates of the PPM call are: Doha Time

Description Dates
Online registration for LPIs Always open
Online registration of ROs and other Key Investigators Always open
Open proposal submission as well as the RO vetting process * Noon, Doha time, Wednesday,
14th of December, 2016
Close proposal submission by LPI Noon, Doha time, Wednesday,
8th of March 2017
RO Final Proposal Submission and Vetting Noon, Doha time, Thursday,
16th of March, 2017
Ineligible proposals notification April, 2017
Successful proposals notification, awards announced  June, 2017

* RO vetting can only start once the proposal is submitted

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