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Executive Director’s Message | April 2022

Message from the Acting Executive Director of QNRF

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Allow me first to wish you a blessed month of Ramadan and Eid Mubarak.

Research has, and always will be, an effective catalyst for improving the education, lifestyle, and health of the people in Qatar. It is the foundation on which Qatar developed into an important research hub in the region and around the world. What drives this success? Among other things, it is the effective synergetic mix of locally inspired research, top quality researchers and excellent research facilities. 

Spotlight | Yassir Hussein

How does QNRF determine where to allocate funds?

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Research funding is an integral part of sustaining and advancing Qatar’s well-established RDI ecosystem as it influences the volume of research activities as well as the productivity of researchers within the field. Since its inception in 2006 as the first national competitive research funding agency in the Middle East, Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has served as the main research funding body in Qatar that fosters original, competitively selected research in engineering and technology, physical and life sciences, medicine, humanities, social sciences and the arts.

Funding Announcements

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Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has announced the results for the 14th cycle of its funding program, the National Priorities Research Program – Standard Track (NPRP14-S), and for the 1st cycle of the new program, the NPRP-Blue Skies Research Award (NPRP-BSRA).

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