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The Arabian Horse: A symbol of beauty, strength, and endurance By

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Just like a desert rose has beautified the harsh sandy Arabian deserts for thousands of years, stands a beautiful, dazzling, and noble creature symbolizing endurance, power, and pride – the Arabian horse. Distinguished by a refined head, glistening, eyes, long slender neck, and a marked high tail, an Arabian horse captures the essence of elegance, pride, and vitality and is an integral part of the Middle East’s cultural and historical heritage.


An Interview with BRIO4 Winners: Celebrating the Artistic Side of Research

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In the words of Albert Einstein, one of the most prolific and influential physicists, art and science are branches of the same tree. However, both these fields are perceived as completely divergent and independent of each other. Art is seen as intuitive, creative, and expressive. Whereas, science and research are taken to be objective, evidence-backed, measured, and even seen by many as boring.