Research Matters

Executive Director’s Message

Enabling Research, Delivering Impact

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Both historically and in our modern day and age, the crucial role of knowledge-building cannot be underestimated in exercises of nation-building. Fostering a thriving research culture is just as important, as it equips us with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand and address the challenges we are facing. This helps research to be effective and enables us to address a problem or question faced by a society – and propose a solution for it.

An Innovative Solution to the Problem of Disinfecting Fingerprint Scanners

QNRF-funded solution is timely, as social and economic activities resume

QNRF PR 0 1876

The virus responsible for COVID-19 is highly robust and can survive on glass surfaces for as long as 28 days in controlled conditions. While experts in the scientific research community have varying opinions about how much this should be a matter of concern for COVID-19 transmission under normal conditions, these findings reinforce the importance of sanitizing and wiping down surfaces.

HAZM: A Smart and Effective Quarantine Solution

The high-tech wristband would help contain the spread of COVID-19

QNRF PR 0 1992

Considerable efforts have been spent in Qatar and worldwide to fight against the pandemic spread of COVID-19 and its related direct and indirect consequences, with the safety of human life being the foremost priority. One way to help reduce the rapid spread of the virus is implementing an efficient mechanism to isolate those infected.