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Executive Director’s Message

Purposeful trips facilitate knowledge exchange

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As part of QNRF’s core values, “Learn to Improve” is the nearest to our hearts. As part of that strive,, we believe that purposeful trips can facilitate knowledge exchange and broaden our horizons. This, in turn, helps us unearth opportunities that would otherwise not be possible and has the potential to bring us one step closer to achieving our vision.

Waste recycling: From research to practice

How waste materials are transformed into High-value construction applications

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It’s not often that environmental protection, spending cuts, and self-reliance can be lumped together in the same sentence. Two intertwined QNRF-funded projects may have just pulled off this remarkable feat, and then some  .
Two things sparked the mind of Dr. Khaled Hassan; Qatar’s reliance on imported aggregate for its infrastructure development, and a seven million square meter landfill at Rawdat Rashed – a village located in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya – where most of the construction waste is dumped.

Multi-cloud business applications without the lag or the overhead

The intercloud merging individual clouds into one seamless mass

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Fourteen years ago, Amazon introduced its cloud-based solutions to the public, and the way software applications are delivered forever changed. With the widespread use of cloud computing, the number of clouds continued to grow, giving birth to what is now known as the intercloud.
The intercloud – or cloud of clouds – is the combination of many individual clouds into one seamless mass, where any single cloud is able to use resources beyond its reach. Some might think of an intercloud in relation to clouds, as the internet is in relation to Local Area Networks (LANs).

Media-use study shapes agendas in newsrooms, classrooms, and life-and-death affairs

Arab Spring inspires act of border-crossing brilliance in the media world.

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Back in 2010, the Arab Spring brought forth many chains of events, some of which were at the heart of the border-melting upheaval, yet others were standalone acts of border-crossing brilliance.
In a quiet office, at Education City’s then-newest school on the block, that same loud and sweeping change – and a scarcity in media research in the region –inspired a project that went on to shape communication agendas and decision-making in newsrooms, classrooms, and various organizations that deal with everything from arts to life-and-death affairs.