Research Matters

Characterizing the HIV/AIDS Epidemics in the MENA Region

Study helps Qatar achieve international recognition in the field of infectious diseases

QNRF PR 0 1926

According to an initial study funded by the World Bank, while there has been considerable progress in understanding the spread of HIV globally, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has been, for a long time, a place where knowledge about HIV transmission dynamics was “very limited, inaccessible, and subject to much controversy”.

The Relationship between ICT Use and Employee Job Satisfaction

How proper ICT use can help boost employee productivity

QNRF PR 0 2177

The digital revolution in the 1990s changed the world as we knew it. Ever since, our societies have been put in a constant cycle of reinventing ways and technologies we use in interacting with each other and our surroundings.
Nowadays, personal computers, internet connectivity, and mobile technology are ubiquitous around the world. The use of these technologies has completely revolutionized the workplace and has helped to boost employees’ productivity. Similarly, it has enabled new opportunities like the ability for employees to work offsite or from home which has facilitated access to ever-growing networks of knowledge with the help of cutting-edge communication tools and software.

Wearable Healthcare Technology: Change the Practice, Not the Dressing

QNRF-funded research projects lead to development of a unique wound monitoring device marked by a reputable spin off company

QNRF PR 0 1920

In the last few years, wearable technology has become immensely popular. This has led to an increase in demand for a range of gadgets and smart watches as more people are taking a proactive interest in monitoring and improving their health.