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Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director’s Message

Purposeful trips facilitate knowledge exchange

As part of QNRF’s core values, “Learn to Improve” is the nearest to our hearts. As part of that strive, we believe that purposeful trips can facilitate knowledge exchange and broaden our horizons. This, in turn, helps us unearth opportunities that would otherwise not be possible and has the potential to bring us one step closer to achieving our vision.
During the past few months, members of the QNRF staff traveled to different parts of the world on a quest for discovery and learning. Throughout this fruitful mission, the team was keenly exposed to various endeavors for capacity building, exchange of expertise, and building of bridges with key  peer organizations stakeholders, all while showcasing QNRF’s exciting journey and notable achievements over the years.
At the UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), we explored areas of collaboration between the two organizations, in addition to attending an intensive program of talks that covered impact, ethics, foresight, valorization, access, and many more relevant topics.
Singapore’s National Research Fund (NRF) is where our team gained many unique insights into program creation and development, translating research to industry applications, and creating social and economic impact with research.
With the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), our visit focused on capacity development, as well as understanding their programs and processes in order to intensify cooperation between research stakeholders from the two nations and enhance collaboration between academia and industry.
Looking back on these is enlightening expeditions, we are not only more driven to continue our pursuit of excellence, but also more inspired to collaborate with the wider research community to bring our vision to fruition – faster, better, and smarter.
Here's to Partnerships, Collaboration, and Success…
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