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In Focus | Additions to the NPRP, QNRF’s Flagship Funding Program

In Focus | Additions to the NPRP, QNRF’s Flagship Funding Program

by Nadine Younes, pre-award administration manager at QNRF

The National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) is Qatar National Research Fund’s (QNRF) main funding program and the primary means by which QNRF seeks to support research that can help Qatar address its strategic needs, and further strengthen its position as a leading hub of research, development, and innovation in the region. Moreover, the NPRP also helps develop the skills and talents of an exceptional cohort of scientists, researchers, academics, and experts who will form the future leadership of key sectors in Qatar.

Over the years, NPRP has helped local researchers address the national priorities of Qatar, turn their research ideas into reality, and translate their proposals into tangible outcomes. To help the local research community further push its limits and support it to bring research outcomes to the end-users, QNRF is launching two new programs to complement the outcomes of QNRF’s diverse portfolio of research-funding programs.

The first of these two new programs is the NPRP-Blue Skies Research Award (BSRA) which is specially designed to push the frontiers of science and advance knowledge in Qatar. This program is investigator-driven and aims to build human capital across a more diverse set of themes, advance basic science research, and provide awarded researchers the freedom to pursue research in areas outside the pre-defined set of priorities.

Whereas, the second initiative is the NPRP-Research Outcome Implementation Award (ROIA), launched to help realize, implement, and deploy the outcomes of completed NPRP projects with clear societal and economic benefits. Hence, this year, we invite all eligible researchers for the NPRP-ROIA and NPRP-BSRA to benefit from these two new initiatives. Moreover, we have recently launched the fourteenth cycle of the NPRP-S and are currently accepting applications. So start working on your applications and we look forward to receiving your proposals.

Here at QNRF, we seek proposals that address Qatar’s national priorities through supporting basic and applied research as well as translational research and experimental development. NPRP-S aims to focus on meritorious research projects that demonstrate a potential impact on the development of Qatar’s society and economy with an emphasis on innovative and unique ideas that hold strong commercial and technological potential.  

Moreover, QNRF encourages NPRP-S applicants and awardees to pursue collaborative and multi-disciplinary proposals involving teams from more than one institution, and include the participation of international researchers as well. This helps to build synergies between local and international institutions and build mutual collaborations to enhance the research capacity and scientific excellence in Qatar as per the highest international standards as seen throughout the past cycles of NPRP-S.

To support our local academic and research community, we are always on the lookout for original and outstanding research proposals which help Qatar address its challenges and improve the lives of its residents. If you have an original, innovative idea and you want to turn it into reality, we want to help you achieve it. Visit our website to learn more about our programs and their application procedures and reach out to us if you need any help along the way.

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