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Fintech & Blockchain-based Technologies in Qatar

Today, Information Communication Technology (ICT) has an impact on all aspects of our life. The latest innovations in ICT are playing an important role in providing us with better, efficient, reliable, and faster ways to connect, interact, and access information. Moreover, ICT has a growing impact on our economic, business, and industrial activities.

In the past few years, FinTech and Blockchain technologies have emerged as a disruptive force and triggered a surge of innovation in the finance and commerce sectors. Considering this, Qatar has recognized the importance of the FinTech industry and decided to tap its potential to help build a sustainable and diversified economy.

More recently, Qatar has rolled out plans to become the FinTech Hub for the Middle East. For this to materialize, the RDI sector in Qatar must commit considerable efforts and resources to drive research on FinTech and Blockchain and incubate entrepreneurship in this sector.

As the region’s premier research-funding entity, QNRF has been enabling researchers to explore the opportunities and understand the challenges posed by FinTech and Blockchain technologies. In an online Research Outcome Seminar (ROS), QNRF invited its funded researchers to share the outcomes of their projects focusing on these emergent technologies.

Titled, “FinTech & Blockchain-based Technologies in Qatar: Current R&D Activities and Challenges,” the ROS was held on 1 April and invited Qatar’s scientific and academic community and members of the general public who are interested how FinTech and Blockchain to learn about the findings of the QNRF-funded research projects from the participating researchers.

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