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Research Initiative Launched to Address COVID-19

Research Initiative Launched to Address COVID-19

QNRF’s latest addition to its diverse portfolio of programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly evolved as a human tragedy in a matter of few months since its outbreak was first recorded in Wuhan, China. Today, cases have been reported in almost every country and authorities are taking various measures, ranging from initial containment to nationwide lockdowns, to mitigate the threat and curtail the spread of this disease.
It is impossible to know what will happen in the future, and what the “new normal” in a post-Corona world will look like. However, one thing for certain right now is that the whole of humanity has its hopes pinned on science and research laboratories around the world to develop a vaccine that can treat this virus, or find a cure. Similarly, these challenging times have helped us realize the important role that healthcare practitioners and providers play, as they literally risk their lives fighting this pandemic on the frontline.
Realizing the need of the hour, to support these efforts, Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) decided to launch the Rapid Response Call (RRC). The call has been specially designed to study sudden and significant situations, such as the novel Coronavirus, and help Qatari society and its institutions mitigate their impact.
The RRC complements QNRF’s diverse portfolio of programs and calls, and will provide funding on a fast-track basis to researchers in Qatar. Through this call, QNRF aims to empower researchers and inventors in Qatar to study the impact, and help devise rapid and effective responses to the challenges posed by the COVID-19.
Governments and state institutions around the world are directing their efforts to ensure that the best possible measures are taken to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of its citizens, and contain the spread of COVID-19. Qatar has also taken relevant measures to deal with the crisis, and prepare itself for handling it in the days to come. Additionally, the call aligns with QNRF’s aim to instil agility of response in Qatar’s research community and institutions, and contribute to the resilience and robustness of Qatar’s capabilities to cope with emergencies.
Moreover, businesses and industries are struggling to absorb the impact due to the fast spread of this virus, for which they were unprepared and lacked any premeditated policies to deal with. Therefore, the RRC is dedicated to providing support for projects that provide rapid solutions to the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the most critical sectors in Qatar. These include the economy, health, education, supply chain, food security, transport and communication, social and cultural life, psychological wellbeing of citizens and residents, and media.
The Rapid Response Call is accepting applications till 28 April; interested applicants can visit the QNRF website for further details, and access the application forms and documents.



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