QNRF &TÜBİTAK Announce Awardees of their Joint Research Funding Call on Autonomous Systems

QNRF PR 0 911

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and The Scientific and Technological Research Institution of Turkey – TÜBİTAK have announced the results for the Academia-Industry Cooperation on Autonomous Systems call, the fourth cycle of their joint research funding program.

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and The National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST) -Morocco, have announced the result for their joint Equine Research Call.

QNRF PR 0 899

The proposal “Building a resource for Equine Genome Research in Qatar and Morocco” which is submitted by  the Equine Veterinary Medical Center  and Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II was awarded.

QNRF Announce Results of 14th Cycle of NPRP-Standard and 1st cycle of NPRP-BSRA

14th Cycle of NPRP-Standard and 1st cycle of NPRP-BSRA

QNRF PR 0 1039

Qatar Foundation member Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has announced the results of the 14th cycle of its main funding program, the National Priorities Research Program – Standard Track (NPRP14-S). It has also posted results for the first cycle of its new program, the NPRP-Blue Skies Research Award (NPRP-BSRA).

QNRF and QGP Announce Results of Fifth Cycle of Path Towards Precision Medicine Call

QNRF PR 0 1025

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and Qatar Genome Program (QGP)are proud to announce the completion of the 5th cycle of the Path Towards Precision Medicine (PPM) program, a unique funding program aimed at supporting and advancing research to guide healthcare decisions towards the most effective prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment based on a patient’s unique genetic profile. This call is committed to the enhancement of genomic research efforts in Qatar with an added focus on innovative projects aimed at translating basic research into tangible clinical implementation.

Research Outcome Seminar on Social Computing and Applications

from 10am-12pm on 11 April 2022

QNRF PR 0 2425

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) cordially invites you to its Research Outcome Seminar (ROS), on “Social Computing and Applications.” Social computing facilitates social interactions via computers and represents the intersection of social behavior and computing systems. It refers to systems that support the gathering, representation, processing, use, and dissemination of information that is distributed across social collectivities such as teams, communities, organizations, and markets. It includes social media, email, blogs, instant messaging, Wikipedia, and other interactive services and applications.


Research Outcome Seminar on Catalysts and Catalytic Processes

From 9-11am on 30 March 2022

QNRF PR 0 2758

Qatar National Research Fund cordially invites you to its Research Outcome Seminar (ROS) on “Catalysts and Catalytic Processes”. A substance that can speed up the reaction process without being consumed by it, catalysts are often perfect candidates to lower the activation energy or modify the mechanism of a process. Today, catalysis is significant in industry and industrial research and various catalysts are constantly being developed to meet economic and environmental objectives. A homogeneous or heterogeneous catalyst that delivers a different reaction with lower activation energy and better selectivity control can have a significant impact on process feasibility, on the environment, and

Research Outcome Seminar on Nutrition and Healthy Living

QNRF ROS Nutrition and Healthy Living

QNRF PR 0 2561

Food is a double-edged sword; it could be a source of nourishment and health, or a cause for illness and loss of quality of life. It all depends on our choice of food and eating behavior. The question is, how can we distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food, when both taste as good! Could apple, ginger, and tea reduce the risk of diabetes and its related complications?

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