Research Outcome Seminar on Artificial Intelligence
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Research Outcome Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), cordially invites you to its Research Outcome Seminar (ROS) entitled, “Artificial Intelligence in Qatar: Current R&D Activities and Challenges.”

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a crucial role in helping a population access a better quality of life with affordable, easy to use services in the digital era. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no doubt an important ICT technology that plays an increasing role in shaping our lives, ranging from energy & environment, healthcare, and education, to finance and smart manufacturing.

QNRF has supported several research projects over the last fifteen years in the field of smart technologies.

This seminar aims to highlight AI and its practical applications in Qatar through the presentation of some promising projects that will illustrate their integrated role in providing advanced digital services and developing strategies to improve the standard of living in Qatar.

• The time: 09:00am – 11:00am

• The date: Thursday, 5 November 2020

• The place: Webinar

Please click here to confirm your attendance. We look forward to seeing you!




09:00 to 09:15

Opening & Welcome

Dr. Munir Tag, Senior Program Manager ICT, QNRF


09:15 to 09:30


National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Qatar

Dr. Sanjay Chawla, Research Director, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), HBKU


09:30 to 09:45

Personalized Monitoring and Advance Warning System for Cardiac Arrhythmias

Project No.: NPRP11S-0108-180228

Dr. Serkan Kiranyaz, Professor, Qatar University



09:45 to 10:00

Extending Blockchain Technology - a Novel Paradigm and its Applications to Cybersecurity and Fintech

Project No.: NPRP11S-0109-180242

Dr. Roberto Di Pietro, Professor, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar


10:00 to 10:15

Early Detection of Fake News over Arabic Social Media

Project No.: NPRP11S-1204-170060

Dr. Tamer Elsayed, Associate Professor, Qatar University


10:15 to 10:30

Teams of Aquatic/Aerial Robots for Marine Environmental Monitoring (TARMEM)

Project No.: NPRP10-0213-170458

Dr. Gianni Di Caro, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University - Qatar



10:30 to 10:45

Optimized and Secured Demand Response Using Smart Meters and Blockchain for the Qatari Grid

Project No.: NPRP11S-1202-170052

Dr. Khaled Shaban, Associate Professor, Qatar University





10:45 to 10:55

Students’ presentations:

Automated Mitotic Cell Detection Using Transfer Learning

Project No.: UREP24-203-2-062

Mr. Muhammed Zahid Kamil, Texas A&M University at Qatar


Smart healthcare System Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies

Project No.: GSRA5-1-0326-18026

Ms. Abeer Al-Marridi, PhD Candidate, Qatar University






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