Research Outcome Seminar on Nutrition and Healthy Living
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Research Outcome Seminar on Nutrition and Healthy Living

QNRF ROS Nutrition and Healthy Living

Food is a double-edged sword; it could be a source of nourishment and health, or a cause for illness and loss of quality of life. It all depends on our choice of food and eating behavior. The question is, how can we distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food, when both taste as good! Could apple, ginger, and tea reduce the risk of diabetes and its related complications? What about lifestyle and physical activities? Aren’t they as important as a healthy diet in maintaining good health? Could maternal nutritional imbalance be the reason behind my child development problems? During this seminar, you will get the answers to all the above and more, while listening to presentations about the outcome from five scientific studies conducted at the MoPH, HMC, QU, WCMC-Q, and the University of Calgary in Qatar. As we all know, “Knowledge is power”, hence, please join us, and hear the latest in scientific research findings on food and healthy lifestyle. To register and attend the seminar, click here

Time Title of presentation Presenter’s Name Current Primary Position and Affiliation
2:00 Welcome remarks Dr. Enas Mohamed Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences Program Manager
2:10 Bioactive food compounds with applications in prevention and management of diabetes Prof. Shengmin Sang Professor, Lead Scientist in Functional Foods and Human Health, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, USA
2:25 Fostering Active Living and Healthy Eating: Understanding the Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviors of Arabic Speaking Adults Living in the State of Qatar Prof. Tam Donnelly Professor – Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2:40 Study of Women’s Health in Qatar: Examining the physical, biological, psychological, and social changes in women in their middle years Prof. Mohamud Verjee Associate Professor of Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine; Consultant Family Physician, WCMC-Q
2:55 Maternal vitamin D supplementation to prevent vitamin D deficiency in mothers and their infants Prof. Khalil Salameh Senior consultant Pediatrician; Head of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Al Wakra Hospital-HMC; Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, WCMC-Q
3:10 Mother and Child Cohort: Towards Curbing the Epidemic of Noncommunicable Diseases in Qatar and Lebanon Prof. Farah Naja Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Sharjah, UAE
3:25 Q & A    
3:55 Closing remarks Dr. Enas Mohamed Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences Program Manager
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