Qatar Research Leadership Program (QRLP)



Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), part of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, has a core role in building the human capacity required to advance Qatar’s ambitious and dynamic research mission. A key element of its capacity-building focus is Qatar Research Leadership Program (QRLP), which is dedicated to producing homegrown scientists who are capable of steering the continuous development and sustainability of Qatar’s research agenda and adding to the nation’s pool of science and research talent.

Through its various tracks, QRLP – a unique program that operates in collaboration with prestigious universities and renowned research institutions, in Qatar and around the world - supports candidates from graduate level, through postdoctoral experience, to their early careers. Through providing them with high-quality training and hands-on research experience, QRLP enables them to become highly-skilled independent scientists who can take leading roles in the development of Qatar’s economic and scientific footprint.

One of the QRLP tracks that underpins this journey is the Graduate Sponsorship Research Award (GSRA). QRLP-GSRA supports outstanding graduate candidates by offering competitive scholarships that allow them to undertake research-based graduate studies towards Masters and Doctoral degrees at approved institutions, both locally and internationally. For more information, please click here.

This is complemented by QRLP’s Postdoctoral Research Award (PDRA). Designed to attract recent national and homegrown Ph.D graduates and young researchers of the highest caliber, QRLP-PDRA aims to encourage independence in the early stages of a research career. This track selects candidates deemed to have the greatest potential to succeed and make an impact in the field of research, and offers them highly competitive fellowship awards, benefits, exposure to a research environment, and mentoring, with the goal being to ensure that they can achieve their potential in Qatar. For more information, please click here.