Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director’s Message

Inspiring teachers, Inspired Generation

Qatar has, over the years, invested considerably in building a world-class educational infrastructure, the benefits of which we will reap in the future, and our students and teachers are the most crucial element in ensuring the success of this.

To instill a passion for science and research in our students, we launched the annual National School Research Exhibition online this year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This event brought together students and teachers, who presented their innovative research projects. You can visit our virtual platform to learn more about the winning projects.

Based on the achievements of our students and teachers, I am glad to observe that our future is safe in their hands. As a testimony of that, I was excited to watch that Ahmed Maani, a design technology teacher at the Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School, made Qatar and all of us proud by winning the runner-up position and being crowned as one of the world’s top science communicators at the highly competitive FameLab International Competition 2020 held recently. If you missed the final round, you can watch it here.

I hope that Ahmad’s journey and achievements at this competition will inspire our budding scientists, researchers, and innovators to excel and raise Qatar’s flag at various international platforms. Teachers like him are the need of the hour, teachers who can inspire their students and unlock their passion and potential for learning.

As some of you might recall, I shared with you last month the news that we are gearing up for holding our series of Research Outcome Seminars (ROS). Throughout November, we successfully held three virtual seminars on Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, and Air Quality, and our last ROS on Precision Medicine is going to be held on 3 December. We had a huge turnout for all our ROSs, which shows the growing interest that people in Qatar have in the thriving RDI infrastructure in Qatar and enjoy learning about its impact on their lives. If you missed any of the ROSs, you can watch them on our YouTube channel.

Considering this interest, in this edition of "Research Matters,” we have again brought for you three exciting and promising research projects that provide impactful solutions to reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint, innovate the building of information maps for Qatar’s marine environment, and manufacturing sustainable battery-less smart sensors for monitoring air quality.

I hope these articles will help you learn that how QNRF is empowering researchers in Qatar to successfully take on regional and global challenges, and how our future generations are being trained to help Qatar evolve as a leading global force in science, research, and innovation.

I wish you an enjoyable reading!

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