Executive Director’s Message | April 2022

Executive Director’s Message | April 2022

Message from the Acting Executive Director of QNRF

Allow me first to wish you a blessed month of Ramadan and Eid Mubarak.

Research has, and always will be, an effective catalyst for improving the education, lifestyle, and health of the people in Qatar. It is the foundation on which Qatar developed into an important research hub in the region and around the world. What drives this success? Among other things, it is the effective synergetic mix of locally inspired research, top quality researchers and excellent research facilities.  

This month’s Research Matters newsletter focuses on a research success story that highlights how globally-standing research can be locally applied to push the needle forward by providing further understanding of the genetics of diabetes. The impact for Qatar is the development of new technologies to diagnose the disease and further enhance the use of precision medicine to treat what is one of the most prevalent diseases in the country. Additionally, we explore the ethical compliance function of QNRF based on internal values and international standards to bring awareness to the importance of research ethics.

On a final note, this edition reports on the recent announcement of the outcomes of

the National Priorities Research Program – Standard Track (NPRP14-S), NPRP-Blue Skies Research Award (NPRP-BSRA), the 5th cycle of the Path Towards Precision Medicine (PPM) and the first Equine Research Call. These announcements represent QNRF’s continued commitment to support research in the country.  

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