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Research collaboration brings Qatar and Turkey together

Around six years ago, Qatar National Research Fund and TÜBİTAK- The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey entered into a joint commitment to strengthen cooperation between the research, academic, and industrial sectors in Qatar and Turkey. This partnership was based on the idea to build a dynamic partnership to promote cutting-edge research and innovation of mutual benefit to people of both countries.

Since then, QNRF and TÜBİTAK have together launched and completed a total of three research calls through which a total of six projects were awarded. The inaugural research call focused on cybersecurity, and the subsequent calls focused on smart manufacturing and smart cities.

Recently, a fourth call has been announced inviting researchers and industry partners from Qatar and Turkey to apply their proposals exploring Autonomous Systems. Applicants are encouraged to focus on issues relating to the technology of autonomous systems in Industry (oil and gas, manufacturing, construction) or Utilities (power grids, water networks, transportation).

Along with forging lasting cross-border partnerships, QNRF’s partnership with TÜBİTAK has also been effective in bridging the gap between academia and industry in both countries to translate impact-oriented research outcomes into implementable solutions and technologies.

In this regard, QNRF and TÜBİTAK held a joint webinar to share details and information about this latest research call with interested applicants in both countries. The session featured Dr. Ali Alaboudy, ICT program manager, and Dr. Sadim Jawhar, joint funding program manager from QNRF who focused on application requirements for Qatari participants. They were joined by experts from TÜBİTAK who outlined the application process and requirements for Turkish participants. You can learn more about the fourth call in a video recording of the webinar which you can see above.

The call is currently accepting proposals via the applications at this link. Since a research proposal must include applicants from both countries, we have created a dedicated LinkedIn group to help researchers find and connect with interested partners. Interested applicants can join the group by clicking here. Applications close 24 August 2021.

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