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Research Outcome Seminars on Healthy Living and Preserving Family Values

To share the impactful outcomes of research happening locally and bring the public and research community of Qatar closer together, QNRF organizes Research Outcome Seminars (RoS) throughout the year. These seminars reflect the full spectrum of research disciplines QNRF covers and highlight the outcome of its funded research projects.

During December, QNRF organized two online Research Outcome Seminars. The first one held on 2nd December focused on “Preserving Family Values in a Globalized World”. Preservation of traditions while embracing modernization is a prominent element of Qatar’s national strategies. During the seminar, Ms. Asma Al Mannai, former CEO of Qatar Foundation for Social Work “Qatar Social”, delivered the keynote address. Five researchers, all from Qatar University, then shared the outcomes of their research projects which focused on the topics of marriage, parenthood, and demography sustainability.

The second seminar was held on 14th December and invited experts to discuss the importance of Healthy Living and Nutrition. Some of the themes the participants explored included how the choice of food and eating behavior can affect health, and the role of diet in reducing the risk of diseases. In addition, the presentations showed the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activities, and diet and nutrition, for the mental and physical development of children. The seminar also discussed bio food and pre and post-natal nourishment. Researchers from the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar University, Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar, and the University of Calgary in Qatar presented the outcome of their projects during the seminar.

You can watch both the seminars below to learn more about the featured research projects.

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