Performance Monitoring System (PMS)


The QNRF Online Performance Monitoring System (OPMS) is designed to promote adherence to QNRF award management policies in all stages of funded projects, encourage research productivity and recognize investigators and Research Offices with great performance by awarding them a merit prize.


The OPMS will utilize a point score scale for awarded investigators and Research Offices for various criteria.  This includes compliance towards technical reporting deadlines, Research Office vetting, generating research outcomes and more. The points are recorded automatically on OPMS and will allow real time updates.


The OPMS indicators are accessed via the homepage of QNRF Online submission system (OSS) at

The OPMS will measure performance points accumulated in real time during a project award year, which is captured via QNRF Online Submission System progress reporting, QNRF Research Outcome Center (ROC) and general award compliance.

For investigators’ OPMS performance will impact future funding applications and the renewal of existing research projects. QNRF encourages the sustainability and continuation of successful awards, hence investigators eligibility for “renewal” and “continued” application builds on the results of previous award. The overall OPMS performance will be taken into consideration when ranking these types of proposal applications.

For Research Offices, the final cumulative score will be calculated relative to the number of their active projects in a particular award year. This is to ensure comparative evaluation of all Research Offices on the same scale for their performance and subsequent recognitions.

A periodic notification will be given to the concerned Research Offices regarding accumulated score points, during the Research Offices periodic meetings.