Executive Director’s Message | April 2021 Executive Director’s Message | April 2021

Executive Director’s Message | April 2021

Driving research that matters

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Over the past few years, Qatar has made remarkable progress in improving its food security and building local food production systems. On the research side, several initiatives have been launched to deal with different themes related to food security ranging from aquaculture to innovative technologies to improve the health of animals.

Spotlight | Mark Velders Spotlight | Mark Velders

Spotlight | Mark Velders

Building Qatar’s Food Security Infrastructure

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In the past few years, Qatar has committed substantial efforts and resources to strengthen its food security and develop the local farming, poultry, livestock, and fisheries sectors. To outline a clear framework for improving food production, supply, storage, and trade; the Qatar National Food Security Strategy 2018-2023 has been developed to build a robust plan to improve Qatar’s...

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GSRA Sponsored Project Aims to Improve Qatar’s Water Security

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Qatar is considered one of the most water-stressed countries due to a scarcity of water resources which is exacerbated by the high consumption rates of water which are increasing day by day. To...

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Fintech & Blockchain-based Technologies in Qatar

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Today, Information Communication Technology (ICT) has an impact on all aspects of our life. The latest innovations in ICT are playing an important role in providing us with better, efficient,...

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Minimizing the incidence of hearing loss in children- the case for universal screening for newborns

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The World hearing Day is held every year on the 3rd of March to help raise awareness about hearing problems and how best to prevent deafness, as well as encourage innovative treatment methods and...

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Design, sustainability, and practicality- QNRF-funded project combines all three to produce a viable solution to utilize solar energy

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Qatar not only has a wealth of natural oil and gas but also receives high and relatively consistent incident solar radiation (insolation) throughout the year making solar photovoltaic (PV) systems...

Spotlight | Hind Almerekhi

A Success Story of Women in Science in Qatar

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From the discovery of radium and polonium by Marie Curie to the various women who helped land the first man on the moon, and more recently Özlem Türeci, who participated in developing the first...