Executive Director’s Message | August 2021 Executive Director’s Message | August 2021

Executive Director’s Message | August 2021


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In recent years, the Energy-Water-Environment (EWE) nexus has become increasingly important for Qatar. These three areas are closely linked to one another and the progress or challenges in one area can have a profound impact on the other two areas. Therefore, while it is encouraging that serious efforts are being made on  the national level, it is imperative that these efforts are concerted  to bring together all the stakeholders involved in this EWE nexus to ensure that these three areas  develop together.

Spotlight | Dr. Marc Vermeersch Spotlight | Dr. Marc Vermeersch

Spotlight | Dr. Marc Vermeersch


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QNRF is at the forefront of fostering a thriving and dynamic research culture and helping Qatar become a leading center for knowledge creation and exchange. To support our efforts, we launched the Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP), which now in its 21st cycle, connects researchers from around the world and helps them learn about research opportunities in Qatar.

Success Story

No More Waiting for COVID-19 Test Results - QU researchers’ develop a rapid-testing technology to predict coronavirus

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the limitations of the current virology testing methods. Despite large-scale vaccination drives around the world, it appears that COVID-19 will...


Dr. Nefissa Chakroun

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Qatar has invested considerable efforts in developing the Qatar National Vision 2030 followed by defining a thorough RDI 2030 Strategy to help build a sustainable model to achieve its economic and...

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QNRF-Project Develops Unique Technology for NextGen Solar Systems

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The renewable and sustainable energy industry is growing globally and solar energy production has long been one of the most popular renewable energy sources. However, a major challenge that solar...


Dr. Ahmad Sami Abushaikha

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Dr. Ahmad Sami Abushaikha is a founding faculty member at Hamad Bin Khalifa University. He received his BS in Petroleum Engineering and his BA in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin...