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In Case You Missed It

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New to our Research Matters newsletter is this section dedicated to highlighting key events and/or research updates of interest and importance that have happened in the past month. To stay atop of how QNRF funding is keeping our community engaged, read more below.

Spotlight On Mousa Abuhelaiqa Spotlight On Mousa Abuhelaiqa

Spotlight On Mousa Abuhelaiqa

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This month’s Spotlight On features Qatar Research Leadership Program Graduate (QRLP) and QNRF-fund recipient Mousa Abuhelaiqa, Ph.D.  Dr. Abuhelaiqa is a Qatari Materials Engineer with an expertise in energy science and data analytics. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) and University College London (UCL) where he researched emerging solar...

Executive Director’s Message

Active Executive Director’s Message | June 2022

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On June 5th, 2022, QNRF, along with the world, celebrated World Environment Day (WED), the United Nations’ day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. The...

Funding Announcements

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Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has announced the results for the 14th cycle of its funding program, the National Priorities Research Program – Standard Track (NPRP14-S), and for the 1st...

Spotlight | Yassir Hussein

How does QNRF determine where to allocate funds?

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Research funding is an integral part of sustaining and advancing Qatar’s well-established RDI ecosystem as it influences the volume of research activities as well as the productivity of...