Executive Director’s Message | December 2021 Executive Director’s Message | December 2021

Executive Director’s Message | December 2021

Stepping into a new year, new beginnings

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This year, we completed fifteen years of our operations, which marks an important milestone for us. We began with a small team, but our number was not a reflection of the magnitude of our responsibility. Our team set to work right away and has been working ever since, with more talented minds and diverse experiences joining us on the way, all united together by the same cause – to help Qatar develop as an internationally leading center of scientific research, development, and innovation excellence. We remain committed to the realization of this aim.

Spotlight Spotlight


Dr. Hisham M. Sabir - Director, Technical at QNRF

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This month, we sit down with Dr. Hisham M. Sabir - Director, Technical at QNRF, to learn about the achievements of QNRF in the past year and what are its plans as we begin a new year, and how QNRF will continue to support Qatar in the pursuit of its goals.

QNRF Community

Research Outcome Seminars on Healthy Living and Preserving Family Values

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To share the impactful outcomes of research happening locally and bring the public and research community of Qatar closer together, QNRF organizes Research Outcome Seminars (RoS) throughout the...

Recap 2021

A look back at the major events and activities of QNRF over the year

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Want to know what we were up to this year?  Then read through our recap of 2021 to learn about some of our activities that give a glimpse into our operations, initiatives, events and...

In Focus

Projects helping Qatar on its road of recovery from COVID-19

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After the health sector, the education sector has been one of the most affected as delivery of education was disrupted worldwide. However, this also provided a window of opportunity to bring about...