Executive Director’s Message | February 2021 Executive Director’s Message | February 2021

Executive Director’s Message | February 2021

Translating Research into Impact

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Over the last couple of months, all of us here at Qatar National Research Fund have been busy with preparing and launching the latest cycles of some of our programs from our diverse portfolio of capacity building, competitive funding, and research connection programs.

Spotlight | Hind Almerekhi Spotlight | Hind Almerekhi

Spotlight | Hind Almerekhi

A Success Story of Women in Science in Qatar

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From the discovery of radium and polonium by Marie Curie to the various women who helped land the first man on the moon, and more recently Özlem Türeci, who participated in developing the first approved messenger RNA-based vaccine against COVID; women in science have long played crucial and breakthrough roles in various fields of science. Women represent half of the global population and...

Success Story

QNRF Funded Researchers Develop Novel Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Breast Cancer

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According to the most recent statistics, breast cancer has surpassed lung cancer as the most common form of cancer worldwide as observed on the occasion of World Cancer Day, marked every year on...

In Focus

The Arabian Horse: A symbol of beauty, strength, and endurance By

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Just like a desert rose has beautified the harsh sandy Arabian deserts for thousands of years, stands a beautiful, dazzling, and noble creature symbolizing endurance, power, and pride – the...


An Interview with BRIO4 Winners: Celebrating the Artistic Side of Research

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In the words of Albert Einstein, one of the most prolific and influential physicists, art and science are branches of the same tree. However, both these fields are perceived as completely...

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