Executive Director’s Message | September 2021 Executive Director’s Message | September 2021

Executive Director’s Message | September 2021

Together on the journey of growth

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When we opened our offices back in 2006, we were a handful of staff with the mandate to foster a thriving research ecosystem in Qatar and build the critical local capacity needed to advance Qatar’s progress and growth across various sectors. Over time, we were joined by like-minded individuals who along with helping the growth of QNRF and the reach of its operations, brought Qatar closer to the achievement of its ambitious goals.

Spotlight Spotlight


Riham Daher

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For our ‘Spotlight’ series this month, we sit down with Riham Daher, who joined QNRF back in 2007 shortly after starting her professional career and is currently the Director of Programs Administration. We ask her about her motivations, the role of QNRF in defining and advancing her career, and how she sees the impact of QNRF in the development of a thriving research ecosystem in...

Success Story

QNRF funded research provides insight into diabetes-associated breast cancer and its treatment

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Qatar is one of the leading countries in terms of the prevalence of diabetes in the Middle East and North Africa region. According to Qatar National Cancer Registry (QNCR), breast cancer...

QNRF Community

ROS on Advancing Research in Pediatric Diseases and Conditions

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The clinical policies and health practices are constantly developing due to technological and scientific advancements, greater advocacy, and increasing collaboration among clinicians and...

Success Story

No More Waiting for COVID-19 Test Results - QU researchers’ develop a rapid-testing technology to predict coronavirus

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the limitations of the current virology testing methods. Despite large-scale vaccination drives around the world, it appears that COVID-19 will...