Intellectual Property Policy

1. Objective

The purpose of this document is to define the ownership, management and utilization of Intellectual Property generated by the National Priorities Research Program and National Priorities Research Program Exceptional Proposals research funding programs in addition to all Research Funding Programs administered by QNRF in which QNRF provides sole funding. The NPRP and NPRP-EP are intended to support QNRF in its goals of fostering a research culture in Qatar, the development of human capital, raising Qatar s profile within the international research community and fund research to provide benefit to Qatar and the Global community. The intent is to ensure that the inventions developed under the performance of the Agreement result in their exploitation and beneficial use in Qatar. Further, the Policy aims to support Qatars development missions by building a strong IP portfolio upon which to attract leading research and commercial partners.

Notes: These terms are applicable to awards made under NPRP for cycle 7 and above, all NPRP-EP projects and all future cycles of JSREP, PDRA, GSRA. They do not affect Intellectual Property resulting from on-going or existing projects subject to agreements executed under the former Policy. This document is provided for informational purposes. All terms and conditions associated with intellectual property will be governed according to a formal contract executed by the parties. 

2. Guiding Principles for Intellectual Property for QNRF Research Funding Awards

In 2014, the Qatar Foundation is beginning to seek research proposals that bear upon a set of "grand challenges" confronting the State of Qatar and the region. It is now increasingly important that the inventions derived from QF’s sponsorship of research be available first for use by Qatar. QF’s IP Policy is designed to increase the likelihood of this occurring. The Policy distinguishes between Awardees who are Qatari entities and those that are not. Qatari entities are those established under a Qatari law or decree, or commercial entities incorporated or registered in Qatar, whose share capital is at least 51% owned by Qatari nationals. The new features of the Policy are illustrated in Figure 1.

The IP terms are applied as follows:

  1. Awards to Qatari Entities:   “Standard IP Terms for Qatari Entities”
  2. Awards to non-Qatari Entities:   “ Standard IP Terms for Non Qatari Entities”
  3. Awards to QF Centers or Departments:  “ IP Terms for QF Centers or Department”
  4. Submission guidelines