QNRF and the Belmont Forum

QNRF is a member of the Belmont Forum, which is a group of the world's major and emerging funders of global environmental change research. It aims to accelerate delivery of the environmental research needed to remove critical barriers to sustainability by aligning and mobilizing international resources. The Belmont Forum pursues the goals set in the Belmont Challenge by adding value to existing national investments and supporting international partnerships in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific endeavours.

The impact of Global Change such as extreme climatic events, coastal vulnerability, water security and global urbanization on Qatar is one of the major issues addressed by the Qatar National Research Strategy. This global urbanization results in increasing regional and global stress on the Food-Water-Energy systems. These issues require a global approach and it is important for the Qatar scientific community, driven by QNRF, to be part of the main international initiatives in that flourishing scientific field.


The Belmont Forum coordinates funding for collaborative research. Such high-priority research activities improve the way funding agencies collaborate with each other and develop further opportunities for research.

Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative: Food-Water-Energy Nexus, An international call open to Qatar-based research institutions


QNRF is joining the Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative: Food-Water-Energy Nexus call which is a joint call between Belmont Forum and JPI – Urban Europe. More than 25 countries will participate in this call. It seeks to foster research and innovation at the intersection of food, water, energy sustainable consumption and production, and urbanization. All of these facets of development are of profound interest to Qatar as it diversifies its economy and they are embedded in the Grand Challenges that the country is focusing on solving. Understanding the global FWE resource-flow connections and impacts on regional and global economic, natural and social systems necessitates transnational projects that connect not only multiple disciplines but also a variety of practitioners such as producers and actors including side-supply companies and services, and farmers, and consumers such as planners, decision-makers and global supply chain representatives.

QNRF supports all priority themes of the call, however in order to align with the Qatar National Research Strategy, it is recommended to Qatar-based research teams to mostly focus their contributions on the Water–Energy part of the nexus as this represents the main issue for the development of Gulf societies

This collaborative research action seeks to advance research within the themes listed below:


  • Theme 1. Robust Knowledge, Indicators and Assessments
  • Theme 2. Multi-level Governance and Management of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus
  • Theme 3. Managing Potential Strategies and Solutions to address emerging Risk and Tradeoffs at the intersection of Urbanization and the FWE Nexus

Each project proposal must be submitted by a project consortium consisting of at least three eligible applicants from at least three participating countries. Clear added value of the international consortium should be demonstrated and, if relevant, the added value for national investments.

All proposals must integrate across the natural sciences and social sciences and should include interdisciplinary, multinational approach, demonstrate strong relevance for user needs, and examine a variety of coupled interactions and feedbacks among relevant systems.

Proposals should also include end-users, policy-makers or other relevant stakeholders and should include science products, which are directly applicable, available and usable to relevant stakeholders. Engagement of community participants or other stakeholders in the planning, design, and completion of the research is necessary.

Within each selected consortium, funding of the participating researchers will be provided by their respective national funding organizations according to their normal terms and conditions for project funding. QNRF will award grants to the Qatar-based research teams in the selected projects. Funding decisions will be made early in 2018.

The amount of total funding available for collaborative research projects through this call is estimated to be approximately US$1,5M.

General information and contacts:

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Dr. Sadim Jawhar, Pre-Award Officer, through


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Dr. Omar Boukhris, Senior Manager, Energy and Environment, through 



Description Dates
Pre-Proposal Application 9th December, 2016
Deadline for pre-proposal submissions  15th March, 2017
Invitation for full proposals May, 2017
Deadline for full proposal submissions  20th September, 2017
Successful proposal notifications December, 2017
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