The aim of the call is to intensify cooperation between Turkish and Qatari participants in science and industry by means of Academia and Industry Cooperation. The theme of the first cycle is ‘Cybersecurity’.

“Academia-Industry Cooperation projects” are R&D projects, which have the participation of at least one Turkish and one Qatari research institution/university as well as at least one Turkish and one Qatari (commercial company or research end users). 


QNRF funds up to US $250 thousand per project per year for the Qatar-based team. The proposal duration is up to 3 years for a hardware and software project and 2 years for a software project. TÜBITAK funds up to 4 Million Turkish Liras (excl. overhead and Project Incentive Premium (PIP) approximately, US $1.1 Million) per project, the academy partner cannot get more than the 40% of the total project budget. 

Responsiveness to Challenges

The research priority areas of this call are

  • Cloud and Big Data Security
  • Security Systems in Mobile Devices and Applications
  • Critical Infrastructure Security with State Level Auditing and Compliance Requirements 

Potential Benefits

The funding is intended to enable foundations to be laid for a lasting R&D innovation partnership. It is intended that innovative potential in areas of shared expertise and competence will be further developed so that a contribution can be made to tackling societal challenges by working to solve common issues. 





After the submission to TUBITAK by the project coordinator, the Qatar-based LPI needs also to be registered and submits the same application to QNRF

The key dates of the National Priorities Research Program are: Doha time

Description Dates
Online registration for LPIs Always open
Online registration of ROs and other Key Investigators Always open
Open Proposal Submission to TÜBİTAK and QNRF, as well as, RO vetting*. 4th October 2017, 5:00 PM
Close proposal submission to TÜBİTAK and QNRF, as well as, RO vetting*. 29th January 2018, 5:00 PM
Ineligible proposals notification February 2018
Successful proposals notification, awards announced March 2018

* RO vetting can only start once the proposal is submitted and it is only for the Qatar-based team

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