The goal of the National Scientific Research Competition (NSRC) is to encourage all middle and secondary school students in Qatar to utilize their learning to initiate contributing to knowledge production, creativity and problem solving. It aims to engage all students (Qatari and non-Qatari) in all middle and secondary schools in Qatar (independent and private), under the primary mentorship of their teachers and/or subject/research coordinators. Mentors from outside the school, such as scientists and parents are also encouraged to mentor the student researchers. Proposed projects may cover any of the categories and sub-categories.


The NSRC is a collaboration between  the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and QNRF. 

Potential Benefits

The NSRC promotes “learning by doing” and “hands-on” research activities. The students will gain their initial experience in implementing a basic research project to enhance their capabilities to carry out further university-level research projects. It is intended to maximize teacher-student collaboration and enhance the learning experiences of Middle and Secondary school students, by encouraging teachers /subject / Research coordinators and mentors (from outside the school) to enable their students to be inquisitive and conduct basic research, using the knowledge, skills and dispositions gained from their school curricula and activities.
The program helps to raise students’ awareness of research culture and develop their basic research skills, and provide them with the opportunity to gain experience in problem-solving projects. As such, students will be able to:
 Develop scientific enquiry skills and work independently.
 Understand and start applying research methods and consider the idea of research as a career.
 Network with school members beyond the classroom and, possibly, worldwide.

 Possibly interact with local industry and professional institutions

Applications should be made through the participating school.

All dates and times are Doha time:

Description Dates
National Scientific Research Competition March 12th - 16th, 2017
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