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Recap 2021

A look back at the major events and activities of QNRF over the year

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Want to know what we were up to this year?  Then read through our recap of 2021 to learn about some of our activities that give a glimpse into our operations, initiatives, events and community outreach efforts.


Dr. Hisham M. Sabir - Director, Technical at QNRF

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This month, we sit down with Dr. Hisham M. Sabir - Director, Technical at QNRF, to learn about the achievements of QNRF in the past year and what are its plans as we begin a new year, and how QNRF will continue to support Qatar in the pursuit of its goals.

QNRF Community

Research Outcome Seminars on Healthy Living and Preserving Family Values

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To share the impactful outcomes of research happening locally and bring the public and research community of Qatar closer together, QNRF organizes Research Outcome Seminars (RoS) throughout the year. These seminars reflect the full spectrum of research disciplines QNRF covers and highlight the outcome of its funded research projects.

Executive Director’s Message - November 2021

Understanding the Past, Tackling the Present, and Shaping the Future

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The evolution of communities over millennia and how these communities interacted with each other has shaped the world we live in today. Studying how our ancestors lived, what their routines and dietary habits were, analyzing their migration patterns and their rituals contain important lessons for us and can help us better understand our societies and the challenges faced by them. The Arabian Peninsula has a rich history and a lot of it is yet to be discovered.


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