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Executive Director’s Message

Inspiring teachers, Inspired Generation

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Qatar has, over the years, invested considerably in building a world-class educational infrastructure, the benefits of which we will reap in the future, and our students and teachers are the most crucial element in ensuring the success of this.

CARGEN™: A Novel Solution to Reduce Gas Industry’s Carbon Footprint in Qatar

The project has received interest from several local and international stakeholders

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While Qatar is one of the world leaders in the production of natural gas, on the downside, it has one of the highest carbon footprints on a per-capita basis. Considering Qatar’s aims of developing a sustainable economy within a holistic environmental preservation framework, it is crucial that innovative technologies are developed which can enable Qatar to maximize the potential of its hydrocarbon industry with environmentally safe practices.

A Self-Sustainable Technology to Monitor Rising Levels of Air Pollution

Innovative sensors have been specially designed to withstand Qatar’s harsh climate

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An assessment of 3,000 cities in 2018 revealed that a staggering 64% of cities had pollution levels higher than the World Health Organization’s (WHO) safety guidelines. What is more alarming is that every city in the Middle East region exceeded the levels of safe air quality. Impactful action to improve air quality cannot be delayed as deteriorating air quality is now the biggest environmental risk for early death, and according to the WHO, its hazardous effects on human health are killing seven million people a year.

Unlocking the Secrets of Qatar’s Deep Waters

A novel AI-based approach for creating information maps for marine environments

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Qatar is home to a very diverse marine environment and its preservation carries a direct impact on the economic, social, and environmental activities in the country. Therefore, a robust system is crucial to ensure reliable and efficient mechanisms to collect, analyze, and process data collected from marine and aquatic environments.