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Executive Director’s Message | January 2022

Executive Director’s Message | January 2022

Playing our role in developing Qatar’s RDI ecosystem

Qatar National Research Fund is one of the first and most important players of Qatar’s research, development, and innovation ecosystem (RDI). Since our founding, Qatar has achieved remarkable progress in building an RDI ecosystem and is set on the path to more successes as we move forward to realize the QNV 2030 and QRDI Strategy 2030 to help solve Qatar’s national challenges and make the most out of its RDI opportunity.

In the field of research, while some of its outcomes are immediate, its true impact and contribution towards the development of Qatar can be understood and valued in the long term. Even in a relatively short period spanning a decade and a half since the founding of QNRF, our researchers have made impressive strides and shone in their fields. From having their research published in leading international journals to winning prestigious awards and fellowships, our talented researchers and students are a testament to the success of Qatar’s RDI enterprise.

The research happening in Qatar places the needs of the country and its people as the foremost priorities. Be it improving the health of our people, developing environment-friendly energy solutions, or unraveling the secrets of the history of Qatar and the region – our researchers have made important contributions in improving the quality of life in Qatar and played a significant role in developing original solutions catered to Qatar’s specific needs.

Our newsletter for this month reflects the success and impact of Qatar’s academic and research community. To shed light on this, we feature Dr. Sadim Jawhar, our joint funding program manager to gain an insight into the Path towards Precision Medicine Program (PPM) call. Moreover, this month’s success story features an interdisciplinary project which aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of hepatic diseases through 3d modeling of the liver. Lastly, we have an interview with the FameLab Qatar 2021 National winner to learn more about her experience during the competition.

With the beginning of a new year, I reiterate QNRF’s commitment to being an effective agent for excellence in the field of research in Qatar. Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms to learn about our future activities and programs.

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