Success Story | Dr. Essam M. Abdelalim Success Story | Dr. Essam M. Abdelalim

Success Story | Dr. Essam M. Abdelalim

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With funding from QNRF’s National Priorities Research Program (NPRP), Dr. Essam Abelalim leads a globally-inspired and locally-significant research project to provide valuable information about diabetes, the leading health concern in Qatar today. Read more about his research journey below.

Funding Announcements Funding Announcements

Funding Announcements

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Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has announced the results for the 14th cycle of its funding program, the National Priorities Research Program – Standard Track (NPRP14-S), and for the 1st cycle of the new program, the NPRP-Blue Skies Research Award (NPRP-BSRA).

Spotlight | Yassir Hussein

How does QNRF determine where to allocate funds?

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Research funding is an integral part of sustaining and advancing Qatar’s well-established RDI ecosystem as it influences the volume of research activities as well as the productivity of...


Discovery of Qatar’s Oldest Pearl | Dr. Ferhan Sakal

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A local excavation mission led by Qatar Museums, including experts from different local and international institutions, has recently discovered the oldest known natural pearl bead in Qatar. This...


Happy International Women’s Day!

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On the eve of International Women’s Day, we sat down with some of our colleagues at QNRF, to learn more about their experiences as women in the workforce, what motivates and inspires them,...

In Focus

Earth hour and beyond: Ensuring an environmentally sustainable future for Qatar by Dr. Parakalan Krishnamachari

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Started in 2007 by the World Wild Fund (WWF) as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney to raise awareness of climate change, Earth Hour is now one of the world's largest grassroots movements...